Claudia Baca-Moore, Author


"Claudia Moore is an excellent teacher with extraordinary insights into Scripture. She captivates her audience with her dramatic style. I appreciate Claudia's generous heart and her genuine concern for people. I endorse her ministry - it has definitely been proven over many years."
— Kate Browning, Christian Author

"Claudia is a fantastic combination of deep profound revelation and solid scripture based teaching. She has the ability to connect with people's hearts using humor. She understands the reality of the struggles that people live with and offers a clear powerful message of hope and comfort."
— Heather Clark, Internationally known worship leader, speaker, dancer and author

"I have known Claudia for more than 30 years, and her words of wisdom and inspirational faith have helped me through many unbelievable crisis situations. She's always had a positive word in the midst of a storm (when others didn't), and she's always been there for me with a genuine love, just like the love of Christ. Her teachings are always so positive, and they go straight into my life. I've known many teachers over the years, and Claudia speaks with exceptional love and excitement a love that impacts my heart!"
— Cookie Rodriguez, Author of Please Make Me Cry

"I have known Claudia for over 2 decades and appreciate her love and service for His Kingdom. Not only has she and her husband, Wyatt, made a difference in the life of many in the Nations, but through their church, Glorybound, they have made a great difference in the city of Albuquerque, New Mexico. Claudia's gift as a teacher of the Word is very evident in how she can simplify the profound truth that Jesus revealed to her to be easily understood by anybody whose heart is open to learn the truth. For that reason, I wholeheartedly endorse this book."
— Mel Tari, Author of Like a Mighty Wind

"The house of repentance, atonement & higher ascent, Claudia Baca Moore is an outstanding teacher with a special sensitivity to the Holy Spirit. Her messages are always fresh and unique and leave you hungry for more. Her anointed ministry is marked by a joyful exuberance and a strong faith that knows how to take hold of God. She is a proven leader within the body of Christ and I know you will be inspired by what she has to say."
— Pastor Steven Brooks

"Claudia Baca-Moore has undoubtedly become the textbook example of what a "teacher", as mentioned in Ephesians 4:11, is and should be. Although serving the Body of Christ as an evangelist, apostle, pastor, and administrator, Claudia is first and foremost a gifted Bible teacher who ministers the Word of God with freshness and clarity. Over the past 35 years, Claudia has spent thousands of hours preparing to preach and teach thousands of sermons and messages about the character of God, and the new nature of the born-again Christian. Besides her extensive studies, she has gained Spiritual knowledge and insight by experiencing the miraculous power of God for herself by being healed after she was medically overdosed with a very dangerous drug. Her revelatory teachings on many subjects are lifechanging. But her messages on righteousness and new creation realities will cause even the seasoned believer to widen his expectations and broaden his horizons concerning his life in Christ. Simple yet profound, Claudia brings forth the old and the new the power of the Word of God, anointed by His Spirit, does the rest.

"One day my roommate came to me and asked me to pray for a friend of hers who was pregnant. Unfortunately, her water broke and she was about to go into labor 6 weeks early, which would cause many health complications for the infant. Having just learned about the books of our lives (Psalm 139:16) and that we have the right as Kingdom citizens to approach the throne of God and inquire about the contents of our books for ourselves and on behalf of others, I went before the Lord to test it out. I asked the Lord what was truly written before the foundations of the world concerning this child's entrance into this world. I proclaimed that if it is not "written" that this child should come before the standard 9-month period, then it was an illegal action by the enemy. Then I asked for this act to be judged and corrected if it was not in alignment with the books of this child's life. This action took no more than 5 minutes. The next day, I saw my roommate and asked how her friend was doing. She said, "it was the strangest thing, when they got her to the emergency room her amniotic sack had filled back up!!!" The hospital said this happens on a very rare occasion and they cannot explain why it happens! The child completed the full nine months in mom's womb and was born healthy free of complications!"
— In His Name, Melissa Ann Fisher